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Marcos Morais

Developing apps, websites and games since I was a teenager, today I focus in developing immersive and creative experiences for iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS, as well as innovative gaming experiences! Former Apple Developer Academy Mentor. I'm currently developing a new indie studio.

I'm passioned about creating things, helping people and trying to make the world a better place. My personal goal is to impact in people's lives in a good way, being with a smile because of an app or game that I've developed or a social initiative.

You can always find me on Xbox Live by the gamertag of Invader Tito, on PSN by AttMarcos, on Steam and SW-7648-6658-3188 on Nintendo Switch.

Started Coding at the age of 12
Started on iOS Development
Released five Games for iOS
Bit Journey is released to critical and commercial acclaim
Working as a teacher at UCB
Consulted and helped release 120+ apps
Started marcOS studios, an indie app and game studio

What I do

How can my skills help you

Mobile Development

I have ten years of experience with iOS development and more than 75 apps built. I love to code since I was a kid, I couldn't wait to show the world my ideas and thoughts. You can check out my skills right above this section. I love mobile and web development.

Game Development

With 25 games officially released, I'm focused in creating immersive gaming experiences. Freedom as in open-world games, passionate by a story told in a right way, my goal is to build universes where people can experience incredible journeys.

Project Manager

I've managed more than 120 different teams with the development of web services, mobile applications and games.


I can always help you with your code, your ideas and even share some thoughts about frameworks, tendencies and the world in general.

+ Developed apps

cups of coffee

+ lines of code

+ hours of music

+ awards from projects

/7 gaming

Bit Journey - Available on the App Store for iOS, tvOS and watchOS

Explore a gigantic, limitless and rich world. It's a brand new open-world experience. The world has gone mad, time travel vortexes are appearing everywhere and spawning incredible enemies that are trying to dominate the whole world while our three heroes are trying to survive!

Study the greats and become greater.

Michael Jackson

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

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Marcos Morais

Brasília - DF - Brasil